Reinhold Behringer

General Information

Professional Interests

  • Computer & Music
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Computer Vision
  • Head-related Binaural Audio Recordings
  • Autonomous Vehicles

Research Projects

  • EuroPLOT
  • Visual Music Interaction
  • Virtual Runner
  • Geo-centric Interfaces
  • ARTEMIS (EU Marie Curie IRG)

Teaching Modules

MSc Level:
  • MSc Intelligent Systems and Robotics
  • MSc Future Engineering
  • MSc Mobile Wireless Commms
  • MSc Modelling and Simulation
  • Virtual Music Systems
BSc Level:
  • Project Research and Planning
  • Innovation and Enterprise
  • Interactive Internet Systems
  • Research Project
  • Individual Project
  • Group Production Project
  • Comp.-Based Applications 2
  • Comp.-Based Graphics 3


Leeds Beckett University Homepage of

Reinhold Behringer

Running Stream Professor of Creative Technology

Leeds Beckett University
Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology
217 Caedmon Hall
Leeds, LS6 3QS
United Kingdom

phone: +44-113-812-3716

Since September 2005 I am working at Leeds Beckett University (formerly known as Leeds Metropolitan University) as "Running Stream Professor of Creative Technology" in the Faculty of Arts, Environment and Technology (before August 2010: Innovation North - Faculty of Information and Technology). My interest is in combining information and computing technology with the creative process: I envision that ubiquitous computing and wearable computing will evolve into seamless systems, providing tools for increased productivity and enabling the creation of previously not possible works. This interaction technology will find its way into future computer games, and can also be used for new expressive modes in creating computer music.

My technology interest is in the development of human-computer interaction systems, specifically computer vision as a system input method, and Augmented Reality as method of computer output. Making computing systems more intelligent and autonomously acting can also be applied in robotics and intelligent/autonomous systems such as future transport systems, and in the short term can provide increased safety in current transport systems.

My Calendar with Availability:

Previous Work:

Before moving to the UK in 2005, I lived and worked in Southern California for 9 years at Rockwell Scientific (RSC, now known as Teledyne Scientific), a corporate privately held research laboratory. My work was related to software development and systems concepts in projects related to human-computer interface technology. These R&D projects dealt with exploring the possibilities of new HCI technologies for providing a faster and direct interface between humans and computers.

As president of SciAutonics , I facilitated in 2003 the forming of the team and company "SciAutonics" for participating in the DARPA Grand Challenge 2004, a competition of driverless vehicles.

A few years before the DARPA Grand Challenge took place, I already had worked on an autonomous road vehicle: from 1990-1996 I developed a computer vision based system for road recognition and vehicle state estimation, based on lane marking tracking and on recursive state estimation with Kalman filters. This was funded by the EUREKA project PROMETHEUS, and we worked in collaboration with the company Daimler-Benz. In November 1995 my colleague and myself drove from Munich (Germany) to Odense (Denmark) and back, a total distance of 1600 km mostly on motorways (Autobahn), with the test vehicle VaMP. 95% of this distance was driven autonomously. Since then, this technology has found its way into lane departure warning systems which are nowadays available as a safety feature in many vehicles.

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